Financial Products for Cooperatives

Fanaka Finance sees Cooperatives differently

Solutions designed for cooperatives
We provide a variety of impact-driven financial solutions to Cooperative MSMEs and their members.

The goal is to increase access to affordable financial solutions to integrated cooperative businesses by providing credit services to cooperatives and their members across the country.

We invest in women & youth entrepreneurs
When we invest in women, we are assured of a greater multiplier effect of our services to the family especially the quality of life of the children and long-term stability of the communities.

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About Fanaka Finance

Fanaka Finance Limited (FFL) is a registered company that offers impact-driven financial solutions to cooperative MSMEs and their members. It is wholly owned by the Uhuru Institute for Social Development, a Ugandan social enterprise dedicated to promoting and implementing the cooperative business model for inclusive social and economic transformation. FFL was established to fulfill its mission of expanding access to affordable financial solutions for cooperative businesses.

Credit and Insurance Products

Agribusiness Credit

We support the acquisition of inputs for agricultural production, value addition processing units, transport equipment & trade financing.

Promoting other non-agricultural
small scale industry

We support small & medium size cooperative industries that exhibit the potential of using home-grown resources to service local demand.

Insurance products for
individual and business security

Using the agent model, we bring closer non-life and life insurance products to cooperatives, their members, and the communities within which they operate.

ICT for Business Efficiency

Tech Credit. Tech Grant.
We partner with providers of suitable ICT for membership management, transaction processing, accounting, inventory, and process management, online trading and marketing as well as research.

In the case of pure credit for ICT equipment and software acquisition, credit is financed at 60% of the procurement value.

Where administered funds or concessional grants have specific terms, Fanaka Finance looks to align the financing terms accordingly.

fanaka finance