Frequently Asked Questions

Find more details and answers to your inquiries about Fanaka Finance products and services.

  • Soko credit
  • Kilimo Agri business loan (SME)
  • Kilimo Agri business loan (MICRO)
  • Soko credit: This is a competitive product targeted at individuals 70% women and 30% men. The product beneficiaries are market vendors, shop owners, small-scale food stores, and small business owners in the agricultural value chain.
  • Kilimo Agribusiness Loan (SME): This is a cooperative agro-input and trade financing loan designed for cooperatives that are, agro-processors, agro-inputs providers, agro importers, exporters, and construction of stores.
  • Kilimo Agri business loan (MICRO): This is a credit facility that supports small-scale farmers and traders by bridging the finance gap in the purchase of farm inputs, chemicals, and machinery. They include agro-dealers and agro-processors. The product does NOT finance land leasing or buying.

This helps a borrower to partially settle their loans in case they aren’t able to meet their loan obligations as they experience certain hardships. Though this is refundable at the end of the loan period, that’s if the borrower paid off his or her loan fully.

Yes, and that’s up to a tune of 30 days.

The loan tenure depends on the product.

The amount also depends on the product.