Bridging the finance gap for agricultural growth

Our unwavering belief lies in empowering cooperatives to thrive in their cooperative ventures by offering specialized loan products that bridge the finance gap in acquiring crucial farm inputs, chemicals, and machinery.

Kilimo Loan (Micro)
This credit facility supports small-scale farmers and traders by bridging the finance gap in the purchase of farm inputs, chemicals, and machinery.

They include agro-dealers and agro-processors. The product does not finance land leasing or buying.

Product Features

  • Minimum loan amount: UGX 300,000
  • Maximum loan amount: 10,000,000
  • Loan calculation method: Flat
  • Minimum loan period: 4 months
  • Maximum loan period: One year

Product Benefits

Fastest & easiest way to funds

For low-income earners & unbanked

Guaranteed quick turnaround time